Objectives that guided the programming of the Condorcet Campus

Four objectives guided the programming of Condorcet Campus:

  • Promote the link and therefore the exchange within the scientific communities, by providing the research units with workspaces, tutorials and discussions that are too often lacking, which will promote proximity between researchers and make more easy supervision of PhD students.
  • Allow meetings, between disciplines and between researchers, through a conference center, a project hotel – dedicated to hosting temporary research programs, particularly on transdisciplinary issues – and a residence for visiting researchers 88 dwellings.
  • Facilitate access to knowledge, by making available to the scientific community a “Large documentary equipment” which, born from the meeting of 50 libraries scattered today, will gather material and intangible documentation in all the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. social services and will combine digital services, collections of books, scientific archives and places of sociability.
  • Promoting campus life by focusing on academic and student social spaces, catering spaces and other service structures, and housing for students and young researchers.

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